A new book coming Fall 2018

Make your ideas look awesome, without relying on a designer.

Make your ideas look awesome, without relying on a designer.

Learn how to design beautiful user interfaces by yourself using specific tactics explained from a developer's point-of-view.

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“I know this looks terrible, but I have no idea why.”

Hi! I'm Adam Wathan, a full stack developer who used to suck at design.

I've been friends with Steve Schoger for years and we've worked on a bunch of side projects together — him handling the UI design and me taking care of development.

Like a lot of developers, I always wished I could make my ideas look awesome without relying on a designer, but any time I tried to design something myself I would always get frustrated and give up.

I always chalked it up to a left brain/right brain sort of thing — I'm logical and analytical so I'm good at programming, people like Steve are intuitive and creative so he's good at design.

But after working closely with Steve I started picking up little tricks. Tricks that didn't require any artistic talent, but made things look better instantly for reasons that made sense to me as a developer.

Design with tactics, not talent.

Here's a concrete design tactic I bet you see applied every day but haven't explicitly noticed:

Use fewer borders.

Borders are a great way to distinguish two elements from one another, but using too many of them can make your design feel busy and cluttered.

Instead, try adding a box shadow, using contrasting background colors, or simply adding more space between elements:

It doesn't take any talent to make changes like this — once you know the tactic you just need to notice the problem and apply the solution.

Most design courses are missing the mark.

They focus so much on high level principles like color theory and typography which, while important, never helped me make instant improvements like the actionable, specific tactics I was picking up from Steve.

Working together, we knew we could create something better.

Over the last few years, we've helped thousands of developers get better at design through quick tips, in-depth articles, and video tutorials.

“Please tell me you’re going to write a book with all your tips someday? I’d give you my money in a heartbeat.”
Sara Soueidan

Refactoring UI takes everything we know about design and bundles it into one comprehensive package, including a book, screencasts, a component gallery, custom designed assets, and more.

It’s exactly what I needed when I was struggling to make my projects look awesome.

We can’t wait to share it with you this Fall.

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What we've got in store

It's not just a book — it's everything you need to start producing better designs today.

The Book

Dozens of practical tips and tactics, categorized and organized in a way that lets you flip to any page and learn something useful — no context required.

I’d put money on it: will be the best UI design book ever written.
Erik Kennedy

Video Tutorials

Learn how to apply the tactics from the book to real-world design problems through detailed step-by-step screencasts.

If you’re a developer who wants to learn invaluable design tips, following @steveschoger might just be the best thing you do.
Sara Soueidan

Component Gallery

A huge library of UI examples that will help you choose the perfect button style, form layout, navigation design — you name it. No more getting blocked by a blank canvas.

Man you sure have hit a much needed spot with these tips. So good!
Wes Bos

Assets & Resources

Custom illustrated icons, curated font recommendations, and beautiful color palettes to get your project started on the right foot.

Steve has been posting lots of great little design tips. Give him a follow if you’re a dev who dabbles in design, like me.
Jeffrey Way
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